An Image of an electrical lampWalters & Wasylyna’s litigation practice offers substantial experience in a wide range of litigation.  As litigation attorneys, we have tried cases to verdict, engaged in dozens of mediations, and appeared in arbitrations to assist our clients in achieving their goals.  We routinely appear in state and federal trial and appellate courts throughout the country.

We are prepared to assist you to develop your litigation goals at the outset of the case.  Trial may or may not be in your best interest.  We will help you to determine that quickly so that the case is put on the right track immediately.  We will work with you closely to develop a strategy, whether it means aiming to settle the case quickly or taking it to trial.

We also understand that our clients have varying degrees of experience with litigation.  Whether you are a general counsel inside a corporation, the owner of a small business, or an individual, we will manage your case appropriately and stand ready always to respond to you and keep you informed without delay.  If you are unfamiliar with litigation, we will help to demystify the process and strive to make every step of the case accessible.  We will ensure that you are prepared for whatever the next step in the litigation might be.

Litigation attorneys who understand how to provide value

We will staff your case appropriately, understanding that value matters.  Put simply, we know that it is not enough to achieve success in litigation, but that success must be achieved efficiently.  In cases involving large numbers of documents and electronic information, for example, we will help you sharply reduce the mind-numbing expenses that often accompany such cases, doing so without a loss of effectiveness.

Our litigation experience ranges wide and includes contract disputes, real estate disputes, the prosecution and defense of professional malpractice claims, tax, mortgage fraud, patent and trademark litigation, construction, non-profit litigation, employment, the representation of financial institutions in a wide variety of cases, eminent domain, and a large number of other matters.

Finally, we stand ready to assist you or your company in managing your risk.  Nowhere is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” more applicable than to litigation and the expense of trial.  The earlier you introduce us to your potential areas of litigation, the better we will be able to steer you away from full-blown litigation.  Our clients are usually economically rational actors and we will always counsel you toward success at the right price.

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